Hi there!

thank you for visiting my blog, which just revamped in a while back. i’m planning to share more about artwork WIP, art tips, travelling notes, uplifting thoughts, and pretty much lots of interesting random things in between!

These images basically summed up all my most favourite topics.


this is my most favourite doodle so far! i’ve posted it on Instagram although without too much details. i will write more about the idea for this artwork, WIP, media, and mostly tips that might come in handy for future reference. Find those posts in these categories:


when it comes to love, i think it will be intriguing to share our wonderful experience all these years as well. fret not as this might not be something too cheesy, will mostly pair with Mr. Beloved to talk about movie review, travelling experience, and projects we’ve been working together. Covering those in these categories:


and this one part is about my other hobby, collecting moments! mostly souvenirs i got from various places i visited with fond memories i had with my most loved ones. surely will have more writings about the place, review, pics, mostly random but uniquely interesting! Find writings about those in:

hope you will find somewhat interesting idea afterward as well.






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