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Tomb Raider Series :D


In the last post, I already share almost all of the games that I have played. Now I am going to share about one of my favorite among all of them : the TOMB RAIDER series ! Just information for whoever you are other than myself, ikey, this post is probably *no, definitely* not a perfect post if you’re seeking for a full info about Tomb Raider, its just a sharing of what I’ve felt about this game ‘kay?

Yeah, although I got freaked out everytime the enemies get closer *or even just appeared in the screen* and become such a paranoid Lara Croft, I really adore this game. Hm…where to begin??? Well for a start I should tell you that I love taking notes. Its not only because my memories is so fragile like a glass but also because sometimes its so cool to have s ome kind of journal about what you’ve been through. So there are scattered pages about the games I’ve been played including this game.

Okay, What are the Tomb Raider Series? There are Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider 2, Tomb Raider 3, Tomb Raider the Last Revelation, Tomb Raider the Chronicles, Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness, Tomb Raider Legend, Tomb Raider the Anniversary, Tomb Raider Underworld, and right now the latest one *if I’m not mistaken* is Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. There are also some kind of mini game or bonus games like Unfinished Business and Golden Mask *Pardon me, I’ve played all of them but still not quite sure about which-game-what-title* so here it goes.

1. Tomb Raider 1

This is the first series of all. The graphic might be the worst compared to the other series, but compared to the other games in its era this game’s actually pretty cool. What makes it different I think is because the gameplay. It used behind-the-back third-person camera angle. The other thing that makes me addicted playing it is because the title “Tomb Raider” is perfectly represented by the gameplay! Its almost like you yourself wandering around some creepy-but-enchanting tombs seeking for artifacts by solving cleverly made puzzles.

I played the PC version, but my note vanishes somewhere *or I’m too young to even take a note? Nah, I should write it somewhere*.

While playing you will discover some cool levels taking place in several places like Peru, Roman*?*, Egypt, and Atlantis. As far as I remembered…

Peru :

  • · Caves

*thx 2 Stella once again, I forgot its simply called ‘caves’ and its in Peru :D*

Meet the friendly wolf for the first time and also some cute bats hanging around you. In this level I can practice my Lara’s home training by simply hop here and left a bullet there. Oh my! Its so scary in the bridge-falling-and-hello-wolves part but as a super paranoid Lara I always take the chance of kill-it-while-its-slepping if its possible. Killing the bear from the above so it couldn’t fought you back? Surely! Love the timed door *after I’m able to pass it of course* especially those greenish wall *but big NO to the wolves again, this time must kill them using some attractive jump-and-shoot moves*

  • · City of Vilcabamba

What the ****?!!! More wolves? All attacking at once? You coward! Oh and I remember the bear, and how I just keep peeping the pool afraid of some kind of fish *or worse, a crocodile* would attack me once I touch the water surface. *yeah, this game is really teach me to be aware* But what waiting for you in the end of the tunnel? Yes, I’m curious to know.

  • · The Lost Valley
  • · Tomb of Qualopec

Roman :

  • · St. Francis’ Folly
  • · Colosseum
  • · Palace Midas
  • · Cistern
  • · Tomb of Tihocan

Egypt :

  • · City of Khamoon
  • · Obelisk of Khamoon
  • · Sanctuary of the Scion

Atlantis :

  • · Natla’s Mines
  • · Atlantis
  • · The Great Pyramid

2. Tomb Raider 2

I played the playstation version and according to my notes the levels are :

  • · The Great Wall W
  • · Venice B
  • · Bartoli’s Hideout
  • · Opera House O
  • · Offshore Rig R
  • · Diving Area P
  • · 40 Fathoms U
  • · Wreck of the Maria Doria K
  • · Living Quarters L
  • · The Deck D
  • · Tibetan Foothills S
  • · Barkhang Monastery M
  • · Catacombs of the Talion C
  • · Ice Palace I
  • · Temple of Xian E
  • · Floating Island F
  • · Dragon’s Lair
  • · Home Sweet Home

My favorite cheat’s are :

  • · Weapon

*If I’m not mistaken you should also lit your flare* Hold L2 (walk), move forward, move backward, turn around 3 times, and jump backward. When you hear the clicking sound like when you undraw your guns it means the cheat’s works. Check your inventory for sure.

*crazy, eh? Lara is like doing some freaky dance*

  • · Skip Level

The crazy moves are almost the same as the above, except jump forward instead of backward.

3. Tomb Raider 3

4. Tomb Raider : The Last Revelation

Wow, its something different. The graphics are much different and as far as I remembered its even better.

5. Tomb Raider : The Chronicles

Is it actually Lara’s tomb? She’s dead? And they using past tense? Aww I’m so sad *I’m so naïve, but is there will be no more tomb to raid? huhu*

Hey, but its pretty cool, I can play the young Lara *but still, it freaks me even more with the ‘tuyul’ thing*

6. Tomb Raider : The Angel of Darkness

Although its driving me crazy with the loading time and the hard-to-play-on-my-old-compi graphic, but it has different plot, different outfit, different Lara, different ability, so it worth a try. I love to chat, actually, especially hearing Lara chatting and being the one who control what she said hmmm….

7. Tomb Raider : The Legend

Even much crazier graphic! Wow, Lara grown up from the old one I used to know. Its similiar to the film, which is quite different from the original game, but since I also love the films so wth I actually love it. This one’s developed by Crystal Dinamics instead of Eidos (Eidos made Tomb Raider 1 up till TRAOD).

8. Tomb Raider Anniversary

Whoaa….playing the old stories in almost completely different environment sure bringing back memories! And still, its like playing a brand new series of Tomb Raider! I still get confused each time I face a dead end or even a familiar puzzles.

9. Tomb Raider Underworld

10. Lara croft and the guardian of light

Well, sorry for losing the will to write this nicely, surely I will comeback completing the info. But this is some link that I love *I’m allowed to share this link right? Just correct me if I’m wrong* this Stella is so good, if you stuck in some tombs you can use some Stella.

Hoahm….i’ll fix this later, right…



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