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Interesting Thought: Life Footprint

“I’ve created the items on this quiz to serve as a guide not only to the ‘heaviness’ of your footprint, but also to stimulate you to think about the ways in which you’re contributing to the world through your relationships with others, your work, and the smaller and less obvious interactions you have. If you’ve scored close to 50, you are definitely on your way to leaving a heavy footprint. If not, by answering these questions, you can start to reframe the way you view your life’s efforts.”

i don’t feel like i leave that much positive footprints, but i think i can relate somehow. there were times like when i asked my friend to teach me how to be (good) like them and the answer i get is like “that’s funny, i learned it from you back then,”. or this other time when somebody i barely known or whom i only talked to casually and occasionally suddenly quoted me and said that they’re somehow inspired to do positive things. so i guess whatever we do, do it for no bad intentions, and idk, my best friends once told me about being kind, being a good person, good things come out from it. 🙂

no foul intentions, just thinking out loud.
cheers have a great tue people 😀

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