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App’s UI Design (DeviantArt)

App’s UI Design (DeviantArt)

i’m liking the overall design of deviation’s detail screen.

it enhanced the deviation displayed, no matter how sketchy it is. the darkened color of its background, and its gradation from the deviation section, is just pretty, like framing the deviation in a good way.

and then theres this iconic tabs of the usual features, from deviation’s info, comments, favorites, and similar deviations. users can just swipe along those tabs and its just smooth. and see that white icons, so simple and blend perfectly without messing up or distracting users from the main deviation displayed.

i dont know, i just like the whole thing, maybe because i love this community too lol. im a satisfied user.

although, worth mentioning, that im not talking about the whole data retrieval speed of that particular section. why does it always take quite some time to see the content of those tabs, or is it just me.

we should try this kind of thing or design or whatever next time we got the chance, i think. dont you? lol

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