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Ordering Paintings / Drawings

So i got another order for caricature. i will cover WIP details in another post, but considering lots of my friend asking for artwork options that they can order i think it will be neat to write details here.

In essence you’ll get information for framed painting or drawing (with or without packaging) in this post. if you are looking for information about my other artworks you can go through Artsy category.

⭐️ Dual Colors on Canvas

⭐️  Dual Colors on Paper


⭐️ Full Colors (Drawing) on Paper


⭐️ Full Colors (Painting) on Paper


⭐️ Doodle – Freestyle on Paper


⭐️ Customized: Your Style! –

And on top of all, i will also handle your needs in packaging your painting or drawing into a bundle of joy!

Optional Packaging:
🎁 Frame + Box + Wrapping + Lace + Card
🎁 Frame + Wrapping + Lace + Card
🎁 Frame + Wrapping + Lace + Card
🎁 Customized: Your Style!

Feel free to contact me here through email, or try to reach me in these channels:





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