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It’s actually already couple of tick tock away to midnight, but i’d like to use this little time to share a bit of gratefulness to my 2016 here!

This year is quite a remarkable year for me. New job, new role (roles actually, i trusted to try out several level of responsibilities), new experiences, new places, new (days same old) love, oh so many other things i just quite figure out this year.

In general i am happy, feel so blessed. Although there might be small challenges here and there, ups and downs. Im more than just lucky to have such extraordinary people supporting me, being patience when time goes rough.

So many happiness in 2016, i couldn’t be more grateful. thank you for lovely people that surrounded me with joy this year, hopefully all of us will have another awesomeness next year!

Please check out a glimpse of 2016 highlights i made, as a token of appreciation for 2016 and lovely people in it!

Here,  Flipagram Artsikey in 2016



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