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Anx#2 – Try Breathing Exercises

Turns out today’s challenge is to try out breathing exercises. Good thing that i like to collect meditation apps, being an app explorer.

These are some of related apps that i have, mostly have guided mediation. Pay attention to app that offers breathing exercise such as Mindfulness , Companion , CBT-i Coach , and Smilling Mind .

Among all of those apps, i currently feel more comfortable with Smilling Mind app. The main reason is because it offers rich lots of lessons for various users (age, purpose, etc). The interface is quite easy to use as well.

After checking the app’s content (i actually use most of my meditation apps rarely), it’s confirmed that there’s a breathing exercise(s) which i haven’t completed. 

So i simply spare my time to sit down and relax for a while 🙂 Let’s see a glimpse of its interface.

At the start and end of each session user always asked about their state, this will be helpful to gain insight about user’s state (for the app, but more likely for user themselves).

usually after each session i always feel more contempt, happy, and alert 🙂 good to make this a habit.




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