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Leisure Camping at Cileunca Lakeside

Last 2016 me and small chunk of my huge family went on a leisure camping at Cileunca Lakeside. I’m calling it a leisure camping because of the complete facilities and it’s a family trip so we’re basically brought everything from home. I understand that the place has been improved a lot since the time we went there, but i’d like to share my experience when we visited.

Cileunca Lakeside is a camping ground located at Cileunca lake’s bay. the lake, or in local tribe’s language Sundanese “Situ”, is located at Kecamatan Pangalengan Kabupaten Bandung. Pangalengan or any nearby area is very famous in Bandung for its fresh air and wonderful view. in general, this location makes for a perfect place to spend your weekend surrounded by nature.

There’s two alternative routes to reach the camping ground, one that requires a 5 minutes boat trip from across the lake, and one that requires some walking from ground behind. The second route that involves walking feels a bit troublesome for us at the time, not to mention that it’s further from our starting point with trickier tracks. so we decided to take the first route.

the view from across the lake, as we walked from our parking area, i saw this other camping ground and flying fox track that can also be used to reach our camping ground


the boat that we used to cross over (it looks lot smaller that it really is)

We started our trip from Bandung city, the place is reachable by car and it takes around 1,5 – 2 hours if i’m not mistaken. i remember that it didn’t take too long and only require 1 stop for refreshment.  we arrived at the other side of the lake before lunch time, park our cars, then take a small boat to our comfortable and secluded camping ground.

some views from our camping ground to the lake and the main hut

when i first arrived i already feel so excited. we stopped our boat at the dock framed some plants and bamboos, with some small lantern ornaments. there are these things that i noticed:

  1. big hut which i assume is an option to put or stuffs and spend the night at,
  2. a fire pit, not too big but really pretty and neat,
  3. a larger area covered in naturally green grass,
  4. a solid building which looks like a restrooms,
  5. and another big shelter which seems like a place to gather around.


the thing that makes me really happy was: lots of charging dock. see, that’s one of many reasons why i think that this was a leisure camping event. because i was concerned that i won’t be able to keep in touch on weekend or not having good time, but turns out we got electricity, fun outdoor activities, clean water with restroom, even place to stack up our stuffs and foods. as someone who spend most of her day on tech world, having electricity is gold.


i was really happy because of the place and those facilities 😀

back to our camping, when we first arrived we started to build our tents, prepare our food, and getting comfortable with the place. the big hut apparently available for rent separately as well, by that time we used the space to put our bags and for praying area. we set the tents in the large grassy area, i think the space is enough for more but we used to space for 4 tents at that time. someone found a big chunk of wooden plate and use it for a knife throwing actions between my cousins.


the side view of the main shelter we used for gathering, eating, even karaoke

around afternoon, my family decides it’s a good time to start rafting, so we gather around to get some directions from the guide. i listen carefully because i know that rafting, even though this area is not too dangerous, can be fatal if the safety guide is not followed correctly. we stroll around Cileunca Lakeside, a super fun experience of rafting since it’s my first time, it takes around 1 hour or more until we reached back to the other side of the lake. from there, we took a swing on a flying fox activity to reach our camping ground, superb.

a picture of us before we go for rafting (they also provided documentation), and example of our flying fox adventure to come back to our camping site

for dinner, we cater from yet another service from Cileunca Lakeside (the package details included in their website’s price list). and spend the rest of the night gather around the fire pit or at the gathering shelter karaoke-ing. it was a fun day and we’re already exhausted at 11pm. even though we’re using tent, the sleeping bag provided was really helpful to cope with the cold weather. i was able to hear the faint noise of activity from the camping ground across the lake and the street surrounding it.


by the fire pit – marshmallow, corn, sausage, or just hanging around hearing the chatter, it’s a bliss

early dawn the next morning, some of us already awake to enjoy the absolutely fantastic view of the lakeside. some of us made a warm coffee and tea (since we even bought compact stove and lots of food supplies, im not sure whether this is actually provided by Cileunca Lakeside). we prepare for breakfast and moving to our next activity that morning: touring to a berry and orange farm. apparently there’s quite a few farms in the vicinity and it’s included in our package to take a tour.


wonderful mystical view of the lakeside area at dawn

 i enjoyed this early dawn view while trying to calm myself down with some yoga, and then some cousins also allowed to stroll around using this small kayak

some souvenirs from our trip to the farm

we spent almost whole morning – almost noon, then some of my family really excited to repeat yesterday’s activities like  rafting, flying fox, etc. after that we spend the rest of the day taking as many pictures as possibles, trying to capture the holiday’s moments and take it back home 🙂

For updated package and price list, can check their website, Cileunca Lakeside .

For seeing even more pictures from them, also check their Instagram.





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