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Covering Ed Sheran’s Shape of You

It’s been long since i (we) managed to complete a full song cover. This ​month ive been looping this Ed Sheran’s song, Shape of You, and enchanted by its  fun beat. The lyric is sort of witty, naughty, yet poetic, somewhat similar to my attraction towards Jason Mraz’ Butterfly. And as an attempt to overcome this song-crush i try to cover it.

The end result is somewhat still has minor flaws here and there, but coming from someone who really cant sing, im sort of proud! ❤ i got help in enhancing some part, and as a way to learn, the process has been really smooth, quick, and super fun.
Tools i used for the cover:

  • iOS voice recorder
  • MediaHuman – ogg to mp3 converter 
  • Soundbooth – edit the whole thing

Resources i used for the cover:

Tools & Resources for Snippet:

Full Song Documented in Soundcloud
if i can cover this, everyone can make their own song cover. will write details about how to edit on Soundbooth. enjoy!



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