Fukuzushi Lunch on a Budget

I just learned that purchasing promo deals of a restaurant is such a smart move to try out a restaurant's menu and the whole eating experience. This one time, me and my hubby decided that we would like to eat sushi. Although we both admit that we do like the taste of the cuisine, it's... Continue Reading →


dua lipa x jaguar #thepace | want to [artsikey Remix of PACE Remix]

This is my result of trying to create remix of Dua Lipa's "Want To" https://remix.jointhepace.com/remix/SrzI6pJqI . The beat is somewhat light, but as the original song is already catchy as it is, the final result is still fun to listen. It says that it's based on my Spotify data, might be a mixed of quite... Continue Reading →

Fingerprint Painting – PautJiwa

Having a new vessel to contain our artsy tendency is honestly very exciting for me. As a simple example, now we get to define in details about our artwork and publish the easiest way for our friends to appreciate our artwork. Yes we might put a number to our products, but we also very open... Continue Reading →

My Current Musing Songs

[WIP] Laptop just gave up on me recently so i have zero musics. want to strip my phone and update with more recent songs list. Here are some that i can recall right now. Be the One - Dua Lipa New Rules - Dua Lipa IDGAF - Dua Lipa Scared to be Lonely - Dua... Continue Reading →


Hello Mr. Partner In Rhyme! thank you for the gift last Feb 14th, really lift up my spirit while i'm at this foreign place. missing you while i strolled around those museums & galleries. but surely looking forward to our adventure together! Xx, artsikey      

Covering Ed Sheran’s Shape of You

​​ It's been long since i (we) managed to complete a full song cover. This ​month ive been looping this Ed Sheran's song, Shape of You, and enchanted by its  fun beat. The lyric is sort of witty, naughty, yet poetic, somewhat similar to my attraction towards Jason Mraz' Butterfly. And as an attempt to... Continue Reading →

‘Red Fire Rooster’ 2017 Grid Calendar Art Print

FOR SALE'Red Fire Rooster' 2017 grid calendar art print. Printed on (48,5 x 32 cm) fine textured paper. IDR 50K ➕ Packaging included ➖ Shipping fee not included 🌟Custom artwork/photo available🌟 More info : 📧hello(at)xxxj.uno DM IG @JxUxNxO or @artsikey ( j.mp/artsikey-ig )

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