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Covering Ed Sheran’s Shape of You

It’s been long since i (we) managed to complete a full song cover. This ​month ive been looping this Ed Sheran’s song, Shape of You, and enchanted by its  fun beat. The lyric is sort of witty, naughty, yet poetic, somewhat similar to my attraction towards Jason Mraz’ Butterfly. And as an attempt to overcome this song-crush i try to cover it.

The end result is somewhat still has minor flaws here and there, but coming from someone who really cant sing, im sort of proud! ❤ i got help in enhancing some part, and as a way to learn, the process has been really smooth, quick, and super fun.
Tools i used for the cover:

  • iOS voice recorder
  • MediaHuman – ogg to mp3 converter 
  • Soundbooth – edit the whole thing

Resources i used for the cover:

Tools & Resources for Snippet:

Full Song Documented in Soundcloud
if i can cover this, everyone can make their own song cover. will write details about how to edit on Soundbooth. enjoy!

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‘Red Fire Rooster’ 2017 Grid Calendar Art Print

FOR SALE’Red Fire Rooster’ 2017 grid calendar art print.

Printed on (48,5 x 32 cm) fine textured paper.

➕ Packaging included

➖ Shipping fee not included
🌟Custom artwork/photo available🌟
More info :


DM IG @JxUxNxO or @artsikey ( )

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JANUARY ADVENTURE: Childhood Memories

I totally want to join this, although i also have to publish some of my drafts for past 2 weeks. But this kind of prompts seems like something good to follow up ❤ everyone needs to know this.

Though our World Watercolor Group will always be a “paint whatever you like” collective, many of you have asked for inspiration and ideas to keep your daily painting routine going. To k…

Source: JANUARY ADVENTURE: Childhood Memories

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Anx#1 – Fill In a Coloring Book

So i have this board on Pinterest where i collect things and ideas that are calming and relaxing. A while back i found this pin that’s summarizing a 21-days challenge of how to relax your mind, and guess what’s for the first day: Fill In a Coloring Book.

The thing is i don’t really have any coloring book. This one time i really tempted to buy one of those famous adult-coloring-book, specifically this Enchanted Forest one, but my friend commented that being able to draw on my own and all it’s actually better if i just create a coloring book on my own. It’s a great idea, if only i wasn’t too lazy nor busy to do that.

I was weighting the options of using coloring apps to fulfill this challenge or using printable image then color it manually. One of coloring app that i know is Colorfy , but i think it will be less challenging since all user has to do is tap-to-fill an area, and it won’t have the same relaxing effect as actually trying to color the image manually. My issue with using printable image is i don’t have a working printer around me today, so i will have to find another solution. Why didn’t i just doodle something then try to color it? Well, in my opinion i might lost the mood of coloring if i attempted to create something first, and i simply not in the mood for coloring anything that i made.

I decided to just use a printable asset, but instead of printing it i will color it digitally using something from one of my devices. I tried to browse for printable images for coloring. At a point i stumbled into this Coloring Pages for Adults site, and picked this Incredible Wolf by Bimdeedee.photo_2017-01-01_17-19-47

For the tools, trying to be as simple as i can, i also got an idea to just use drawing app on my phone. I’m using Sketchbook since i like the layering feature and easy-to-use brushes/pens/pencils with rich colors. The app itself looks like these images below.

Basically all i did:

  1. Create a Layer A
  2. Import image i got from Coloring Pages for Adults to Layer A (icon ruler, option “import image”, it applies to current active layer)
  3. Set opacity of Layer A to something around 11% so i can still see the lines vaguely
  4. Create a Layer B and place it underneath Layer A, opacity 100%
  5. Start having fun coloring Layer B (until all area’s done or simply until i’m satisfied)
  6. Once the coloring is done, i adjust opacity of Layer A so that the line more visible but without covering layer B completely (to tidy things up can erase the edge of the imported image using eraser with + 60% opacity)
  7. Tap on the canvas base to change background color
  8. Create additional Layer C for some ornaments and decorative addition to the background, then merge it with Layer B (at this point i have 2 layers, Layer A and Layer BC)
  9. Create additional Layer D for touching up the upper layer, basically containing only highlights and another decorations

At step 9 i have some final layers with the end result. Truth be told when i first started coloring i sort of forgetting that this is an image of a wolf, i really had this idea of a fierce lion in my head, that’s the story of the color theme that i chose. but voila! I’m done and completed my first challenge, and surely more relaxed, fulfilled, happy, at bliss.

Wolf Coloring

In addition, turns out the Coloring Pages for Adults site allow users to upload their end result, although i didn’t color it all manually i still tried to contribute by uploading mine (think they are moderating the submission).

so that’s it, cheers!


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It’s actually already couple of tick tock away to midnight, but i’d like to use this little time to share a bit of gratefulness to my 2016 here!

This year is quite a remarkable year for me. New job, new role (roles actually, i trusted to try out several level of responsibilities), new experiences, new places, new (days same old) love, oh so many other things i just quite figure out this year.

In general i am happy, feel so blessed. Although there might be small challenges here and there, ups and downs. Im more than just lucky to have such extraordinary people supporting me, being patience when time goes rough.

So many happiness in 2016, i couldn’t be more grateful. thank you for lovely people that surrounded me with joy this year, hopefully all of us will have another awesomeness next year!

Please check out a glimpse of 2016 highlights i made, as a token of appreciation for 2016 and lovely people in it!

Here,  Flipagram Artsikey in 2016

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Ordering Paintings / Drawings

So i got another order for caricature. i will cover WIP details in another post, but considering lots of my friend asking for artwork options that they can order i think it will be neat to write details here.

In essence you’ll get information for framed painting or drawing (with or without packaging) in this post. if you are looking for information about my other artworks you can go through Artsy category.

⭐️ Dual Colors on Canvas

⭐️  Dual Colors on Paper


⭐️ Full Colors (Drawing) on Paper


⭐️ Full Colors (Painting) on Paper


⭐️ Doodle – Freestyle on Paper


⭐️ Customized: Your Style! –

And on top of all, i will also handle your needs in packaging your painting or drawing into a bundle of joy!

Optional Packaging:
🎁 Frame + Box + Wrapping + Lace + Card
🎁 Frame + Wrapping + Lace + Card
🎁 Frame + Wrapping + Lace + Card
🎁 Customized: Your Style!

Feel free to contact me here through email, or try to reach me in these channels: