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Fingerprint Painting – PautJiwa

Having a new vessel to contain our artsy tendency is honestly very exciting for me. As a simple example, now we get to define in details about our artwork and publish the easiest way for our friends to appreciate our artwork. Yes we might put a number to our products, but we also very open if anyone interested in a more personal service with a more personal numbers as well 🙂


everlasting collaboration in PautJiwa

Some of our latest orders come from this Wedding Organizer team, Asmarandana , which we know personally. They wanted to provide a Fingerprint Painting giveaway to their customer as a souvenir to be displayed in their wedding day. Fingerprint painting itself is something that was quite popular in modern Indonesian wedding event, as we often noticed in our friend’s weddings.

Themes that requested were also sweet; mapple tree and cherry blossom tree. Dominated by fresh colors such as orange, red, pink, and green, we immediately hooked by natural flowers and decoration. It was definitely a fun experience, making our latest pieces.

The details of the product can be found here , have a look and let us (me especially) know what you think!

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Anx#2 – Try Breathing Exercises

Turns out today’s challenge is to try out breathing exercises. Good thing that i like to collect meditation apps, being an app explorer.

These are some of related apps that i have, mostly have guided mediation. Pay attention to app that offers breathing exercise such as Mindfulness , Companion , CBT-i Coach , and Smilling Mind .

Among all of those apps, i currently feel more comfortable with Smilling Mind app. The main reason is because it offers rich lots of lessons for various users (age, purpose, etc). The interface is quite easy to use as well.

After checking the app’s content (i actually use most of my meditation apps rarely), it’s confirmed that there’s a breathing exercise(s) which i haven’t completed. 

So i simply spare my time to sit down and relax for a while 🙂 Let’s see a glimpse of its interface.

At the start and end of each session user always asked about their state, this will be helpful to gain insight about user’s state (for the app, but more likely for user themselves).

usually after each session i always feel more contempt, happy, and alert 🙂 good to make this a habit.


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Anx#1 – Fill In a Coloring Book

So i have this board on Pinterest where i collect things and ideas that are calming and relaxing. A while back i found this pin that’s summarizing a 21-days challenge of how to relax your mind, and guess what’s for the first day: Fill In a Coloring Book.

The thing is i don’t really have any coloring book. This one time i really tempted to buy one of those famous adult-coloring-book, specifically this Enchanted Forest one, but my friend commented that being able to draw on my own and all it’s actually better if i just create a coloring book on my own. It’s a great idea, if only i wasn’t too lazy nor busy to do that.

I was weighting the options of using coloring apps to fulfill this challenge or using printable image then color it manually. One of coloring app that i know is Colorfy , but i think it will be less challenging since all user has to do is tap-to-fill an area, and it won’t have the same relaxing effect as actually trying to color the image manually. My issue with using printable image is i don’t have a working printer around me today, so i will have to find another solution. Why didn’t i just doodle something then try to color it? Well, in my opinion i might lost the mood of coloring if i attempted to create something first, and i simply not in the mood for coloring anything that i made.

I decided to just use a printable asset, but instead of printing it i will color it digitally using something from one of my devices. I tried to browse for printable images for coloring. At a point i stumbled into this Coloring Pages for Adults site, and picked this Incredible Wolf by Bimdeedee.photo_2017-01-01_17-19-47

For the tools, trying to be as simple as i can, i also got an idea to just use drawing app on my phone. I’m using Sketchbook since i like the layering feature and easy-to-use brushes/pens/pencils with rich colors. The app itself looks like these images below.

Basically all i did:

  1. Create a Layer A
  2. Import image i got from Coloring Pages for Adults to Layer A (icon ruler, option “import image”, it applies to current active layer)
  3. Set opacity of Layer A to something around 11% so i can still see the lines vaguely
  4. Create a Layer B and place it underneath Layer A, opacity 100%
  5. Start having fun coloring Layer B (until all area’s done or simply until i’m satisfied)
  6. Once the coloring is done, i adjust opacity of Layer A so that the line more visible but without covering layer B completely (to tidy things up can erase the edge of the imported image using eraser with + 60% opacity)
  7. Tap on the canvas base to change background color
  8. Create additional Layer C for some ornaments and decorative addition to the background, then merge it with Layer B (at this point i have 2 layers, Layer A and Layer BC)
  9. Create additional Layer D for touching up the upper layer, basically containing only highlights and another decorations

At step 9 i have some final layers with the end result. Truth be told when i first started coloring i sort of forgetting that this is an image of a wolf, i really had this idea of a fierce lion in my head, that’s the story of the color theme that i chose. but voila! I’m done and completed my first challenge, and surely more relaxed, fulfilled, happy, at bliss.

Wolf Coloring

In addition, turns out the Coloring Pages for Adults site allow users to upload their end result, although i didn’t color it all manually i still tried to contribute by uploading mine (think they are moderating the submission).

so that’s it, cheers!


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My Journal Book: Earlier Months

learn to #smashbook ing the moment. remember the moment, preserve the joy.

doesn’t have to be
some fancy experience where i went cruising to some exotic ancient ruins,
more like
the humble and genuine happiness i felt when i got the chance to hang out with my friends, families, or even those exciting moments i got through on my own, when my thoughts racing with glee.

doesn’t have to be
some shinny and artistically captured photographs or souvenirs,
more like
wrinkled bills, doodles on certain cafe’s napkins, or even fallen leafs i picked up in my favorite street while walking home.

doesn’t have to be
poetic or carefully written phrases that began with cheesy prologues such as ‘dear diary’,
more like
one or two lines of the moment, the first thing that popped up in my mind that made me happy.

that way, i got myself, my own jar of happiness, bottled sunshine, gift-wrapped laughters.

*my, this is so #corny but like that quoted quote from the #gumption movie, “I like corny. I’m looking for corny in my life,”.

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