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Documentation – JxUxNxO : Your Iconic Strangers

Long story short Mr. Awesome got interviewed and featured again on this intriguing site Kuwe Jahe and i love it!

Kuwe Jahe mostly have lots of writing about inspiring people from various profession and backgrounds. We can actually see high amount of intriguing stories here.

The article basically covering JxUxNxO ‘s profile and his highlighted artworks. Super proud by the artsy atmosphere he surrounded me with, i want to document it here as well (in case i need a quick reminiscing :D)

I cannot write anything that will be more fascinating than the original article so i will just direct you guys there 😉

Source: JxUxNxO : Your Iconic Strangers

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My Journal Book: Earlier Months

learn to #smashbook ing the moment. remember the moment, preserve the joy.

doesn’t have to be
some fancy experience where i went cruising to some exotic ancient ruins,
more like
the humble and genuine happiness i felt when i got the chance to hang out with my friends, families, or even those exciting moments i got through on my own, when my thoughts racing with glee.

doesn’t have to be
some shinny and artistically captured photographs or souvenirs,
more like
wrinkled bills, doodles on certain cafe’s napkins, or even fallen leafs i picked up in my favorite street while walking home.

doesn’t have to be
poetic or carefully written phrases that began with cheesy prologues such as ‘dear diary’,
more like
one or two lines of the moment, the first thing that popped up in my mind that made me happy.

that way, i got myself, my own jar of happiness, bottled sunshine, gift-wrapped laughters.

*my, this is so #corny but like that quoted quote from the #gumption movie, “I like corny. I’m looking for corny in my life,”.

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